Strategic Change and Organizations Consulting

How We Do What We Do

The Benefits

  • Realization of an initial diagnosis of your situation
  • Identification and prioritization of opportunities
  • Establishment of a personalized plan by structuring future actions
  • Establishment of a financial plan
  • Initiation of a strategic feedback if necessary on the global and long term vision of your company

The Stages of a Mission

  • Planning a meeting
  • Analysis of the main assets
  • Presentation of the analysis
  • Development of an annual and medium-term plan
  • Operational implementation

The Rationale

  • Prioritize the challenges
  • Optimize the strategy and actions taken
  • Benefit from a unique network of multidisciplinary expertise (IT master plan, digital strategy, innovation and transformation management, agility, IT project management, etc.)

We accompany you until the operational implementation.

Our team of IT and digital experts manage complex projects and high value-added missions, through the development of agile operations, in various fields such as finance and insurance, real estate, retail or even media and telecoms.

Our coaching offer ranges from strategic thinking on transformations to the elaboration of detailed plans to implement them and concrete support for change management. We support the evolution of structures so that they can achieve new strategic objectives, implement new ways of working or meet new challenges.

Our co-construction support can combine phases of mission review, redesign of the organization and operating modes, followed by coaching and training to facilitate the appropriation of the meaning of these changes, the emergence of a new managerial culture and the mobilization of teams to achieve concrete and lasting success in the transformation.

Coder at a Tech Convention

Finally, we can intervene in the definition of a new operational and technical structure, the reform of an existing system, the analysis of the opportunity and feasibility of technical development, and the consolidation of an already established strategy.

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